Ever since then, I have continued to grow my brand and help elevate other female owned businesses to become empowered, help them get on the journey to becoming their own boss, and confidently showcasing their brand in the best way. 


Ready to spread my wings

I finally launched my business! However, I worked with clients that didn’t appreciate my work, took me for granted, and mistreated me. I also was having issues attracting the right customers and consistently. I knew something had to change and it was time for some elevation! So, I strategized who I wanted to target, strategized a rebrand that would speak to those people, and spoke their language and since then have attracted my dream clientele and created the same results for other clients! 

Transformation Complete! 

In July of 2022, both my husband and I got 2 jobs to be able to afford to move from Minneapolis to Texas. I began to reflect on what I wanted to do work wise in Texas. I was tired of working jobs where I felt under appreciated and overworked. I realized I needed to go back to what I loved doing! We were finally able to move to Texas and I began taking courses to refresh my knowledge and earned my two certificates in Graphic Design.   

I was ready for a transformation 

I moved out of my parents’ home because I was ready to grow and finally be the person I was meant to be. However, I started to reflect on whether college would be the option for me as I was a 19 year old with bills and could no longer afford it. Shortly after, I got married and as you guessed, graphic design fell out of the picture for me and I began working retail, cleaning, customer service and serving jobs that I absolutely hated but it paid the bills. I unfortunately was subjected to racial, verbal and mental abuse from these jobs. I was overworked, under appreciated and underpaid.


I was a little caterpillar 

My passion for graphic design started when I was 14 years old. I have always loved arts and expressing myself with colors, painting, and drawing. I had the privilege of attending college when I was 17 years old. While still in college, I graduated from High School. I decided to take a semester off from college for my mental health and then resumed classes in 2020 but then Covid hit...