Elevating female brands with a growth mindset by crafting strong, impactful, and powerful brand strategies with beautiful stories.







But you have passed that phase in your business and you’re ready to take it to the next level. You can’t grow in comfortability




I go a step above just creating a brand identity and a website for my clients by actually teaching them how to market and sell their new branding to not only get more customers, but to connect with them to build a loyal fan base. Why not get the package deal girl?

Brand Marketing

My web design services go beyond just the aesthetics. I elevate your online experiences that gets your audience's attention. I create websites that leave your customers carts and into the hearts (then homes *wink *wink)

Web Design

My brand identity services have all the tools you need to help you stand out in your competitive industry. I bring your unique vision to life by designing empowering storytelling logos, too hot to handle visuals, and marketing strategies. Your fire elements will resonate with your target audience, tell your story, and will elevate your brand to help you build a core fan base and be the baddie business owner you are.

Full Brand Identity

Running a small business can be time consuming, but my services are designed to give you peace of mind and help you save more time on marketing. I help you with the technical aspects of your business, while you focus on being the Queen of your brand that you are!

I am dedicated to delivering web solutions that can help you to grow your revenue. I focus on functionality, user experience, and performance. So your website will not only looks great, but can help you convert visitors into loyal customers.

Though some businesses have the same problem, I still am able to create personalized solutions that align with your specific goals and troubleshoots your pain points to communicate to your fans that you mean business.

Unique Solutions

Web Solutions

Saving Time



I'm Ready To Think Big!

So let’s get started! Fill out my application form to kick start your new brand today!

The rewarding part! We launch your new brand and I help you with marketing your new brand identity that will help you attract more of your dream customers


Hooray! You made it to this part! This is where the design process begins. I learn more about your businesses goals, pain points, and vision to create the right brand for you!


You inquire with me and I shoot you an email to schedule a discovery call to see if we are a good fit to work with each other (psst almost like a date) ;)

You Inquire



Smooth and easy process. She knows what she is doing. Will definitely recommend her to some of my connections for bigger and better projects. Love her drive and attention to detail, even with things I didn’t notice myself
                                                            -Lakita Sunscreen

Jonita kept amazing communication and patience with me as I'm such a busy business owner with another full time job, Jonita was so understanding of time, boundaries, and very communicative. Not only is her work bomb and turns out elevating your brand, but she helped me feel like I had a business partner along the way not just someone I hired for a few months.
                                                        -Lauren Tenny Media

Jonita was very thorough in her process. She really cares about her clients and puts her soul into her work. She really helped my brand voice come to life. She is very detailed in her work and takes the smallest detail seriously. She took my vision and brand pillars and incorporated them into my logo and style. I am so happy with the final products. She is an expert in this field. She also showcased the importance of branding. She is very knowledgeable and really is out for her clients to succeed. I enjoyed working with her. Her notion process is so organized and it makes it easy to know what still is needed. I would recommend her to any business and will be using other services that she provides
                                                    -Silhouette Africana



•Primary, secondary, logo mark, and alternate logos to give your brand flexibility

•Customized color palette to differentiate your brand, set the tone of your brand, and evoke emotions in your customers

•Customized typography and font system to differentiate your business and establish memorability in your audience

•Branded patterns and elements to give personality to your brand

•Customized Packaging to enhance the customer experience by giving your customers the luxury experience of your brand which also allows you to raise your prices for more revenue

•Photo direction and branded social media posts to help you market effectively online and set the tone for your brand

•Branding Guidelines Packet to help you keep the integrity of your brand, stay cohesive,  and gives you the do's and don'ts of your new brand to attract your dream customers.



What is your pricing?


What is your pricing?

Investments starts at 1500 USD

Do you accept payment plans?

do you accept payment plans?

Payment options are:
Option 1-  Standard Option (Stage Payments that can be broken between 3-5 payments depending on project scope) 

Option 2- Biweekly Payments ( Fifty percent payment due upfront then payments broken into 2-5 biweekly payments despite project milestone. ALL Deliverables will NOT be handed over UNTIL FINAL payment completion Full ownership will be given to client after final payment.

Option 3- Down Payment of 500 Or More (Down payment of $500 or more to secure spot for when client is ready to invest. Once the client is ready the down payment will be subtracted from total and client can choose option 1 or 2 for payment option with remainding total

Do you do one off logos?

do you do one off logos?

No I don’t because a logo alone is not going to help you scale or grow your small business and it is my goal to help female owned businesses to be heard and not just seen. I can’t knowingly charge someone to invest in something that will only get them so far especially when it is my job to help you reach your goals in your business whether short or long term.

Can i keep my current logo?

can i keep my current logo?

I require all of my clients to have a freshly made logo designed by JZean Designz because I want to ensure my clients are getting the full benefits of a strong brand strategy and that includes a logo with strategy. I will ensure that my clients have a successful relaunch as we will create a plan to reintroduce your new brand to your current clients/customers in a strategic manner

Do you take international projects?

do you take international projects?

Absolutely! We would just need to work out timing. No Biggie!

what is the estimated timeline?

what is the estimated timeline?

Project timelines range anywhere from 5-12 weeks

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